Our cleaning division is staffed with fully qualified professionals who work closely with our clients to meet their desired outcomes. When new employees join the organisation we team them up with a long term employee who has experience and knowledge, to assist them through their training and development.

All staff working on our sites, whether they be an employee or a specialised service provider, are closely vetted by management to ensure that they have the capability and equipment to do the job at hand. No individual is allowed on site without being vetted through our internal checking process, ensuring that our clients can have comfort that their security and safety are being looked after at all times.

We do not sub-contract our core business and only specialised service providers will be able to conduct work on behalf of Statewide. Only when Statewide does not have the expertise in-house or the staffing demands are too great; for example when an emergency occurs will we call on our partner supplier for assistance. We understand the importance of our clients brand presentation.